Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowy days

I can't believe that we're having more snow. Will Spring ever come? If anything is nice in the snow is watching the birds eat from the bird feeders. It amazes me how they cling to the feeder in the strong wind gusts. I'll be waiting and looking for my favorite bird the robin since that is a sign of Spring.

Here are some Spring like items that have come in:
Franklin Square Family Fun Pack - A voucher that is valid for up to four tickets for PhillyMini Golf/Philadelphia Park Liberty Carousel. The park is located at 6th and Race Streets. - $44 value
Pickering Valley Feed and Farm Store - A bird feeder - $30 value

We also have received some donations from Copeland parents as they began spring cleaning their homes. If you have any NEW item that you would like to donate, pass it along. Thus far some of the things that we have received are: home products, games, Christmas decorations, and a hot dog roller grill. The grill is perfect for bar-b-q's, and I imagine that it may a very popular item at the auction.

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